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Posted by on Jun 1, 2015 in Blissful Living | 0 comments

Championing Life By Staying Consistent With Being Consistent

Championing Life By Staying Consistent With Being Consistent

I am kick boxing again after a long hiatus. Every time I train, there is something new I learn about myself that I tend to extrapolate to analyze and make sense of how it impacts the bigger picture. One of such kick boxing classes inspired me to write this post.

A couple of weeks back, I was (still am) training to achieve a powerful kick . You see, to deliver a powerful kick that can knock out the opponent, you need to use your shin.

Those kicks hurt, so much so that a couple of kicks on a heavy bag can mentally block you from giving your best in the next one.

While I was diligently training, I noticed that I wasn’t enjoying myself, ┬ábecause with every kick I would wince at the pain in my shins. I wanted to be back in form like I was back in the day, and go right to the advanced training.

My trainer on the other hand, stood in front of me giving me the “you’re-not-even-close” eyes!

Feeling slightly dejected, I walked over to him at the end of the class and asked him, “if there is one thing I could do to improve my performance, what should I do?”

The answer I received was – Strive to be consistent.

The English Literature graduate in me was tempted to quote Oscar Wilde at this point who said “Consistency is the Hallmark of the Unimaginative” but the kick boxer in me knew that the trainer was right.

I walked home with my painful shins thinking that this wasn’t the most unique advice I had ever heard, but I sure needed a reminder!

In fact, not so long ago, I used to be all about big overhauls and changes until I found that making small consistent changes led to bigger wins and were much more easy on me.

Every time I interact with successful people or read about them, there is a theme I notice is common in all of them – consistency! They all believe that every day you get a little better than the day before and it all adds up.

I now kind of wanted to kick myself in the shin for missing this point when it came to kick boxing.

The week after, I went to the classes with a new goal – it was to do better than I did the week before and do it consistently. I plan to keep doing it until I can kick better and longer, until the pain becomes marginal.

I won’t see changes immediately because success and failure look the same when comparing short timeframes. It will all add up in a few months time and probably I’ll be the one showing a new comer how it’s done!

It would be a shame if one had the passion to change things in their lives and make them better but couldn’t succeed long enough due to lack of consistency.

When we look around ourselves, we see people who go on diets to drop pounds and indeed lose weight, only to find themselves at the same weight in a few months of going off the diet.

We see people who over enthusiastically go to the gym every day without taking a break and it causes burnout even before they’ve managed to turn it into a habit.

Same applies to people who don’t allow for work life integration in their lives and are consumed by work to make it big as if it is a race to the top. I’ve seen lack of inconsistency impact housekeeping at home (I’m guilty of that!), relationships, health, careers and even the biggest dreams.

Success isn’t an overnight job.

I wrote a post about showing up earlier. Consistency is tied to the same idea.

If you’re in the middle of a crisis right here, right now due to inconsistency, can you change that?

Can you find a way to show up more often to get the job at hand done than trying to tackle it all together?

Can you turn this busy life with so many things to do into small projects that are sustainable and deal with it as a marathon and not a sprint?

Can you focus more for short intervals and don’t let distractions bother you?

These are the questions I asked myself and I believe the answer to them is that I can. And if I can, then so can you! And I hope you do.

Here’s to setting kick ass goals and kicking them in the face!

Love & Laughter.

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