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Posted by on Apr 14, 2015 in Blissful Living, Living The Moment | 0 comments

Why I’m Thankful I don’t Have Everything I Want In My Life Right Now

Why I’m Thankful I don’t Have Everything I Want In My Life Right Now

I used to want a lot of things in life, which was normal. The problem was I used to want to control the delivery of my life experiences.

Soon enough, I started to see things working out and I started to get all I wanted. Some things that I’d been aiming for, for a long time – they all came together all at once!

That’s when the realization hit me that I did not want a life where at any given point I had everything I wanted in my life right now.

Because where do I go from here? I’m happy that I have everything. Next, I’d adapt to that happiness. Then I’d want something else to make me happy.

That’s what made me think about this deeper and I would love to hear more perspectives on this, so feel free to comment below!

We want something because we believe it will make us happy. And it does, for a while. Achievements, new shiny material possessions or even a life milestone bring happiness.

That happiness however, is short lived and then we sink back into a place of wanting something else, something more. The achievement becomes the new normal and we start looking for the next big thing.

That is why there is value is not having everything you want.

It keeps you excited for tomorrow and hopeful for the amazing things coming your way. Also, many times we have false beliefs about what will make us happy based on the norms that society has set for us.

The delay gives us time to evaluate, if what we’re aiming for is right for us.

There’s no harm in wanting things. After all, we’ve all noticed that it does lead to a short term spike in pleasure.

It is possible that driving an expensive car or carrying ridiculously priced accessories boosts some people’s self esteem but to maintain a sense of self worth in the long term, people need to find intangible sources of happiness.

The problem is that if we make our happiness dependent on material possessions, then we might just spend our lives slaving to make money and using that money for things that won’t matter once we have them.

The vicious cycle of unfulfillment will take away our chance at true happiness that comes from things that matter – Friendship, philosophy, interests and passions.

If you have heard of Kevin Spacey, in one of his interviews he reflected on his guiding principle professionally, and borrowed an anecdote from the set of the 1964 John Huston film “Night of the Iguana.”

Asked, at a dinner on the beach in Mexico, to describe in one word what was most important in life, Huston supposedly said, “interest.” “To stay interested,” Spacey said. “And that’s what I can say I am most happy about, is that I am interested in anything that I don’t know, it makes me get out of bed every morning.”

Think about what’s occupying most of your time in life.

If you’re spending time doing things you love, earning love, respect and appreciation from people around you, are learning something new every other day, then you’re on the right track.

This is what happiness looks like, enjoy it! And about those 3 items in your list – they’ll land in your lap soon enough but not all together, because where’s the fun in that?

There is a uniqueness and singleness that distinguishes each individual from another. We want different things but we all want something in common. Excitement and hope for what’s next!

So next time someone asks you “Do you have everything you want in life right now?,” say “Thankfully, I don’t!”

Love & Laughter!

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